Dr. Davi R. Rodrigues

My main interest is understanding the dynamics of magnetic textures beyond linear approximations. The physics of magnetic configurations in (anti)ferromagnets is extremely complex offering possible applications to novel non-volatile memory and logic devices. The non-linearity of the magnetization dynamics gives rise to topological phenomena such as topological objects in real space, including domain walls and skyrmions. These (meta)stable states are particularly interesting to applications due to their robustness against external perturbations, particle-like behavior and characteristic frequencies in the giga and terahertz range.

Simulation of domain wall dynamics in nanostrips.

My work so far has focused on the physics of topological objects in magnetic systems. I have studied their stability, creation and manipulation by currents and external magnetic fields. I have worked in collaboration with universities in United States, Germany, Sweden, Norway and Japan. We have found a mechanism to periodically shed domain walls in nanowires by applied electrical currents. Moreover, we have derived an effective description of (anti)ferromagnetic domain walls, in one and two-dimensional systems, as well as skyrmions, taking into account deformations, beyond linear approximations and independent of material details. In a recent project, I have also worked on new computational tools to increase data inference from experimental data at low computational costs.


Professional CV


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